The Affliction, adepts and fantastic creatures make the world of Khatenia fatal to many who leave the safety of the cities. Keeping himself alive is something Lange of Arenes has taken for granted until a missing couple and a valuable artifact send him and his companions against the brutal forces of the power-hungry adept Thalizar.

Lange is a tough, smart and fearless hero who always seems to find himself fighting for the weak against the powerful in dangerous Khatenia. The first book of The Affliction Chronicles, an exciting new epic fantasy series.

Reviewer Comments for Army of Affliction

“Wonderful Read – Fascinating Characters.” 
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“This highly enjoyable read was a very pleasant and welcome surprise.”
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“I thoroughly enjoyed this book and it left me wanting more.”
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“I really enjoyed this book it kept me on the edge of my seat the whole time. Very awesome book!”
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